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June 30 2014

June 24 2014

June 20 2014

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June 10 2014

May 19 2014

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May 16 2014

...the first study of the design, fabrication and hydrodynamic testing of a synthetic, flexible, shark skin membrane. A three-dimensional (3D) model of shark skin denticles was constructed using micro-CT imaging of the skin of the shortfin mako (Isurus oxyrinchus). Using 3D printing, thousands of rigid synthetic shark denticles were placed on flexible membranes in a controlled, linear-arrayed pattern.
Wen and Lauder attached samples of the manufactured skin to both sides of a flexible foil that could be held stationary in flowing water or flapped to move like a swimming fish, and then measured the forces exerted on the swimming and stationary foil.
when the team began flapping the foil like a fish, displacing its body by 1 cm as it wriggled at 1.5 Hz, the shark skin's performance improved significantly, increasing the foil's swimming speed by 6.6% and reducing the energy expended by 5.9%. ‘This is the first time that anyone has measured the energetic cost of shark skin and the reduction in swimming cost relative to a smooth surface’, says Lauder.
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May 06 2014

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World's deadliest animals
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May 05 2014

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making science cool again
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April 25 2014

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Lesley Rochat, also known as the Shark Warrior, managed to hang herself on a hook, totally naked, in the middle of the ocean with about 30 sharks around her.

With the support of a fantastic team, and in collaboration with African Watersports, she went to such extremes to help raise awareness about sharks and the need to conserve them in their GET HOOKED ON CONSERVATION, BAN DRUMLINES Campaign.
Sign Petition against shark culling in South Africa here:
Support shark conservation here: https://www.sharkwarrior.com
Support Australia's #NoWASharkCull here: https://www.nosharkcull.org

April 24 2014

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After a 6-ton shipment of shark fins, which likely included several endangered species, was photographed being shipped by Philippines Airlines (PAL) from Dubai to Hong Kong, the company has announced it will stop shipping fins altogether, marking a major win for conservationists.
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April 10 2014

cruel life.
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Shark fin trade from Hong Kong to China drops almost 90 per cent in one year

The fall comes amid a crackdown by the central government on extravagance and corruption, and pressure by environmental groups to stamp out the trade.

The figures, drawn from government statistics, show a drop in re-export volumes of 17.5 per cent. This was driven by a 90 per cent drop in re-exports to mainland China from 1.2 million kilograms in 2012 to 113,973kg.

Mainland China, formerly Hong Kong's biggest re-export market, fell to fourth place last year after being overtaken by Vietnam for the first time since 2010.

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March 27 2014

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"A federal judge on Tuesday upheld California's ban on possession or sale of shark fins, rejecting claims that the law discriminates against the Chinese community - where shark fin soup is a traditional delicacy - or interferes with federal management of ocean fishing."

READ MORE: http://www.sfgate.com/science/article/California-shark-fin-ban-upheld-by-federal-judge-5348461.php?cmpid=fb-mobile
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February 28 2014

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February 18 2014

February 14 2014

UAE acts to stop shark-finning in Middle East

Seven Arab countries will mark an historic milestone on Monday when they sign an agreement in Dubai to protect migrating sharks in Middle East waters from illegal trade.

The move will create larger protected underwater corridors to protect shrinking shark stocks in regional waters where they are harvested for their fins to supply Far East market demand for a high-end brothy soup.

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Tierschützer warnten von Anfang an davor: Die umstrittene Raubfischjagd wird die Gefahr durch Haie vor der Küste West-Australiens nicht eindämmen, im Gegenteil. Die Köder in den Schutznetzen und die darin gefangenen kleineren Haie locken größere Tiere aus weiteren Entfernungen erst an, so Kritiker des Programms. Denn Haie wittern Blut und Stress-Signale anderer Lebewesen kilometerweit
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January 31 2014

January 27 2014

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